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Kuoda Consulting Partners

Grow value from your existing customer base

Expand into other Asia Pacific markets

Whether you are an Australian or Asian based business, the good news is you participate in the fastest growing region in the world .

Businesses typically get to a stage where they ask themselves two questions. Am I maximizing the sales opportunities from my home market? And should I consider making a move into a new APAC market?

At Kuoda our role is to work with you to scope out the feasibility of both avenues. We use data to drive our thinking, coupled with years of experience working across a broad range of industry verticals.

Ideally such decisions require a safe pair of hands with expertise sourced from multi disciplines.

That is why we put together a group of professionals, with proven track records, who can contribute to give you considered and integrated advice.

Our Story

We are a group of experienced business people from a broad range of professional backgrounds.

But we have one thing in common. A passionate interest in helping businesses grow.

Over the journey we have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly, when it comes to inexperienced or self- vested consultants handing out advice to clients.

We came together as we identified a need to bring multi disciplines together to create an overarching business framework that could generate growth and de-risk the opportunity cost.

At Kuoda we can help you develop growth programmes within your existing markets. We can help you take the first steps towards considering expanding into other Asia Pacific markets.

Everything we do is about creating opportunities to make a growth agenda effective, with solid counsel from professionals and experts in their particular fields.

Oh, and about our name. Kuoda (pronounced quo da ) is Mandarin to expand or to grow.

We have our team based in both Australia and Singapore. We work collaboratively together as suits the needs of each client, and share a set of common tools and practices that we know work.